Jeffrey Norman to work with Brookvale Records! Jeffrey talks about mastering Vol 3 and 4. 

Brookvale Records is proud to announce that we will be collaborating with mixing and mastering engineer, Jeffrey Norman. Brookvale Records will be releasing Dick’s Picks Series volume 3 and volume 4 this February on vinyl and Jeffrey will be doing the mastering for us. We would also like to announce that he will have access and will be using the ORIGINAL master tapes for this project. As we get more information we will let you know. Pre orders for these releases will go up next week. STAY TUNED!

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Mr Norman talks about mastering vol 3 and 4.

“I was excited to get the chance to remaster the early Dick’s Picks’ releases for vinyl…they were originally mastered for CD in 1995-96, and I was looking forward to hearing the 1/4″ source tapes once again, 17 years later. What I didn’t expect was the dramatic improvement the new mastering gives to these classic releases. The original CD resolution is 44.1KHz/16bit (as is any released CD), while the mastering I am now doing for the vinyl releases is 96KHz/24bit. I’m now using a state-of-the-art analog to digital converter (Pacific Microsonics Model 2)….and I’ve probably gotten better at doing this over the years! I used the original CDs as a guide for the new mastering, but when listening to the CDs I feel like I’m listening in black and white, while the new mastering feels like I’m listening in color. It’s very exciting!

A few observations: the mixes for Dick’s Picks Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 couldn’t be more different. The Pembroke Pine show (Vol.3) is quite bass strong and powerful. The Fillmore East show (2/13-14/70) on the other hand is very bright and a little bass shy. Both represent the ears and interpretations of the mixers at the time (Betty Cantor Jackson at Pembroke Pines, and Bear at the Fillmore East), and both capture the quality and excitement of these shows. I did some equalization on both shows to enhance the presentation but kept true to what the original mixers intended. As typical of all Grateful Dead shows, both these two shows are very dynamic….there’s a wide range of volume from quiet to very loud. I tried to keep the dynamics intact, with very little limiting, using limiting mainly as protection against digital overs.

In choosing the songs for each side of vinyl, the goal was to be true to the flow of the show and keep the fidelity as high as possible. There is a physical limitation to the length of a vinyl side….if it gets too long there is a loss of bass and level. Ideally the sides would be no longer than 20 minutes, and for the most part that was accomplished. However there are a few sides that are longer than ideal, but because of the way the music lays out there was no way around a few longer lengths. Also because of those side length constraints, there are some songs that had to be split in two (i.e. Vol.4 Dark Star, The Other One, and Lovelight)…sorry, you’re going to have to flip the record to get the entire “good stuff”.

Considering that these tapes are 40 years old (in the case of Vol. 4, Fillmore East), they sound phenomenal! There are some issues on the original recording that can’t be fixed (i.e.. L/R movement side to side in Vol. 3 Eyes of the World), but that in no way takes away from this great music.”

Show – Pembroke Pines, Florida 05/22/77
Set will be 4 LPS (Side 2 of the 4th LP will be blank)
Price will be $79.99
Release Date to be February 2013
Pre Orders will go up soon


Show – Fillmore East 02/13-14/70 
Set will be 6 LPS (Side 2 of the 6th LP will be blank)
Price will be $109.99
Release Date to be February 2013
Pre Orders will go up soon








5 Responses to “Grateful Dead Dick’s Picks Vol 3 and 4 – Mastered by Jeffrey Norman”

  1. shwack says:

    Right On!
    Jeffrey Norman
    A man you can trust for a project such as this.

  2. Mike Willour says:

    I am really excited to know this is being done and to be able to buy these recordings on vinyl. I am puzzled as to why the analogue to digital conversion is needed. If master tapes being used are analogue, why convert them to digital at any point? Just curious.

  3. Nat says:

    I agree 100%, I passed on Vol. 1 and 2 due to the use of a digital master. I’ve been looking forward to these next releases knowing they are sourced from the analog masters. To read this and learn it is once again going to be transferred from digital is heartbreaking. One would think a project like this would honor the analog lineage of the original master tapes. But in the end this seems like a project to exploit the cool factor of vinyl instead. I’m very disappointed and will have to pass on these releases as well. Hopefully, Brookvale Records will eventually release some of the Dick’s Picks series with the true analog lineage intact.

  4. james chronis says:

    i’m sorry but i will not be able to buy volumes three and for from mt dick’s picks subscription money is a little too tight

  5. Butch Kimmel says:

    Loving these Dick’s Picks releases on vinyl. Thank you so much for making them. I have 2 and 4 and they are astounding. The fact that 4 is redone from the original master tapes was the clincher for me. 2/13/70 was my first bootleg tape and it opened the world of trading and eventually taping. It is so awesome to hear this music with no air or hiss. Jeffrey Norman’s remastering paired with the awesome packaging make this one amazing release. Thanks again!

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