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We are very proud to announce that we will be releasing the Dream Theater album “Images & Words” on vinyl for the first time in the USA! We could not be happier with the it came out. The album was remastered just for vinyl with great care. We released the Dream Theater album “Metropolis PT2” on vinyl in the fall of 2011 and that sold out right away. We expect this release to sell out even quicker! The release is 2 LP Set on 180gram vinyl for the highest fidelity.  We only made 2000 units. Each LP is hand numbered from 1 – 2000! This release is a joint venture with our friends at ENJOY THE RIDE RECORDS. 

We are making 2000 pieces of this record. 1500 of them will be on BLACK VINYL. Those 1500 will be going out to stores across the world. 500 of them will be make special on a RED/GOLD SWIRL vinyl.  This pre order is for BLACK vinyl. This RED/GOLD Swirl is now already SOLD OUT.


Artist – Dream Theater
Title – Images and Words
Configuration – 2 Lp Set – BLACK VINYL – 180 Gram
St Date – February 19th, 2013
Price – $59.99 (LESS THEN 10 LEFT AT $59.99 – was $29 selling of some we purchased ourselves from another store at full price – you may want to check amazon or somewhere else first ONLY FEW LEFT!)
Quantity Made – Only 2000
Pressing – Hand Numbered 1 – 2000

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Share the joy

44 Responses to “Dream Theater “Images and Words” on Vinyl!”

  1. Ingrid van den Hof-van den Berg says:

    Hi there, I’d like to ask if you also ship to The Netherlands and….if yes….how much will the total amount be for the Dream Theater “Images and Words” LP? Thanks a lot already! Kind regards, Ingrid, Holland

  2. Morgan says:

    Hey, would you post this to australia for me?

  3. Led Lemos says:

    Hey guys… I REALLY want it, but the shipping for Brazil is absurd!

    $47???? $47???? For Scenes I think I paid $20…. Why 47???

  4. Sabian says:

    Couldn’t order fast enough! I have the Metropolis PT2 Vinyl, thanks for doing these!

  5. Silvia says:

    I think it’s too expensive, I write from Spain. I bought Scenes and was more cheap. I think you must lower the price! However its a great opportunity to have one of the DT best albums!! 😉

  6. JAY BOJ says:

    Awesome, I hope you guys do this type of color vinyl pressing when AWAKE is reissued … Hint Hint 😉

  7. Harald Gerzsabek says:

    One of the best music at all

  8. Antonio says:

    Bought! I hope you will release Awake soon!!!

  9. Bruce says:

    Looking forward to receiving this release. Just a quick question- Is this release going to mailed out in those new shipping boxes that i had seen in one of your video’s? Thanks for your time on this.

  10. marco says:

    only 500 pieces for the gold one… damn I missed it!

  11. Saket Mohan says:

    Release Awake, 6DOIT, Train of Thought and Falling Into Infinity on Vinyl!!

  12. Administrator says:

    going to!

  13. Antonio says:

    we hope for it!!

  14. Administrator says:

    yes sir

  15. Administrator says:

    we are!!!

  16. Philip says:

    Wow! I’m really excited about this release! :)
    Is there any possibility for A Change Of Seasons to get the same treatment in the future?

    Best wishes from Sweden!

  17. Dominick says:

    Just ordered my own copy, so now – honest – With how big resolution the master LP has been cut?

  18. Philip says:

    Wow! I’m really excited about this release!
    Are you planning on giving the same treatment to A Change Of Seasons in the future?

    Best wishes from Sweden.

  19. Philip says:


    First I want to say I’m really excited about this release!
    2nd; Are there plans on releasing A Change Of Seasons on vinyl as well?

    Thank you!
    /Philip from Sweden

  20. Philip says:

    Sorry about triple posting. Didn’t think the other ones got registered…

  21. Brian Johnson says:

    just wanted to thank you for releasing the dream theater albums on great quality vinyl.

  22. Saket says:

    When are those going to be released?!!

  23. jay boj says:

    Any ideas when you will start shipping out the red golds?

  24. dreamer says:

    Hope you guys do A Change of Seasons as well. Love that one!

  25. Keith Leedham says:

    What is the track listing for each side? Thanks.

  26. kostas says:

    hello my friend.i want to buy 3 copies from from DREAM THEATER

  27. Jimi says:

    First rule: Never touch the vinyl surface with fingers.

  28. David says:

    Please bring out Six degrees of inner turbulence! And is there a mailing list or something i can join? Had no idea about this one. Lucky still a few left for me to snap up. But if i missed out on Six degrees. i would die!

  29. Giovanni Sena says:

    Do you guys ship records (lp´s) to Brazil?

  30. Al says:

    Can you please confirm if there s a white version of this repress because a user is selling a white version on the web

  31. Ingrid van den Hof-van den Berg says:

    Hello Dan / Brookvale C.S., How are you?
    Several people already received their copy of the Dream Theater Images and Words vinyl album, so I was wondering if maybe my pre-ordered copy has already been sent too.
    I hope to hear from you, that would be really cool. Thanks a lot already!
    Kind regards, Ingrid van den Hof-van den Berg, The Netherlands

  32. Brandon Stuckless says:

    Amazing service you guys are doing for us Dream Theater fans! People like me who just want to own this without being taken advantage of spending $100+ dollars for the original online. Thanks again.
    p.s. Train of thought or Falling into infinity next! :)

  33. Carlos says:


    My copy arrived yesterday. It took 6 days from the States to Spain (including customs process). Excellent work!

    See you for the next round! Thanks to everyone at BV records!

  34. John Locke says:

    I just received my copy of Images and Words today….it has such a wonderfully rich textured sound to it. I am more than pleased with this purchase and will continue telling everyone I know about this incredible company and website. Thankyou Brookvale Records for making this Dream Theater fan extremely happy!!!

  35. John Locke says:

    Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on that one….

  36. Administrator says:

    yes there will be a white coming for Europe

  37. Administrator says:


  38. Daniel M says:

    I pre-ordered my vinyl the day it was shared on the dream theater facebook fan page I see people are getting theres already, are you shipping them from the u.s? because being a new englander on the canadian side id expect it sooner then the man above me from spain if you guys have any information an email would be nice

  39. Administrator says:

    if you email we can supply you with tracking info. You need to supply your name, paypal email and ID for sale

  40. Javier says:

    You should make more red vinyls. I don’t understand why this distinction of 500 reds, 1500 black. I think that if you want to make only 2000 is ok, but let us choose the color please :(

  41. Graham says:

    When there’s only 2000 units worldwide, and it seems to be virtually impossible to find one anywhere now, you have no idea how it pains me to see someone grinning at us with their fingers all over the playing surface of such a highly-prized item.

    I hope you didn’t mail that one out to a paying customer!

  42. Graham says:

    There’s a copy on eBay UK in white vinyl, which claims to be a Brookvale release from a 1000 unit run – is this one anything to do with you folks, or is it a pastiche of yours?

  43. Graham says:

    OK, I see the comment above about a white release for Europe. Who’s the European distributor or manufacturer?

  44. Graham says:

    Also, since it’s clear that a run of 2000 isn’t enough to meet demand, are you considering 3000 or 4000 for any future releases?

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