All of us here at Brookvale would first like to thank every single one of you who’ve pre-ordered from our upcoming Blues Traveler Vinyl Series. Whether you pre-ordered a single copy of Four or both Blues Traveler Bundles, we are thrilled at the overwhelming response to these titles! Like you, we can’t wait to get them in our hands. So, what’s the latest, you ask?



As some of you may know, we approved the test pressing for Four the same day it arrived from our manufacturer. The sonics were amazing and the test pressings themselves were flat, quiet, and just about as perfect as can be. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of the other three albums.


We pride ourselves on incredible attention to detail and providing only the highest quality vinyl releases. Therefore, we cannot in good faith approve any test pressings that do not meet those standards. Even though we knew doing so would cause a significant delay in their release, we rejected the tests for Blues Traveler, Travelers & Thieves, and Save His Soul. The band’s label at UMG rejected them as well.



So where does that leave us? Rejecting test pressings is not uncommon — they’re intended to catch problems before the whole run is pressed — but given the overwhelming manufacturing demands these days rejection can result in a much longer delay than it might have a few years ago. So we started over. We addressed the audio issues and had new plates cut. Once we receive the second round of test pressings, which are expected here next week, we hope to approve them immediately and move quickly to the final pressing of these three titles.


If all goes smoothly, we hope these great albums will hit shelves before the end of the year. We sincerely apologize for the continued delay and for any inconvenience these delays have caused. Please understand, our number one priority is the quality of these releases, from the mastering to the vinyl to the jackets. We refuse to take any shortcuts, and we appreciate your patience as we make certain our Blues Traveler Vinyl Series will exceed your expectations. In the meantime, we will accept refund requests from anyone wishing to cancel a pre-order. Simply contact us by email or phone (631) 587-7722 and we’ll take care of you.



Please stay tuned right here and on our Facebook page for the new street date and much more as we finally get all four albums to press. Of course, while we continue production we urge you to get your pre-orders in ASAP, as these are extremely limited edition pressings. Visit our webstore for all the details or to pre-order now. We’ll have plenty of photos and video as we move along, but for now here’s a super cool behind-the-scenes clip of Four‘s jacket hot off the presses, from our good friends at Stoughton Printing Co.!