Frequently Asked Questions







We ship all our vinyl via the U.S. Postal Service domestically and internationally. Please keep in mind we only charge what it costs us to ship your package. And yes, we understand the international shipping costs are high. However, we only ship internationally with tracking, which means we must use International Priority Air. Nothing leaves our warehouse without a tracking number. By itself this adds roughly $15 to every package shipped to Europe, for example. And remember, that tracking cost is set by USPS, not us. If you are looking for a cheaper international option you may wish to consider ordering via


In addition, each order is packed by hand in our own custom-designed vinyl shipping mailers. These are two-piece shipping boxes made with higher quality materials to ensure your product arrives the same as if you’d grabbed it off the shelf. They may weigh a bit more, and the shipping may cost a bit higher, but the end result is worth every penny.


Take a closer look at our custom-designed vinyl mailers by watching this video. Or this one. Our mailers are hands-down the best in the business. If you have any questions regarding shipping, please feel free to email us at We answer all emails within 24 hours.