VOLUME 1 & 2 are now SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!  

Dear Friends,
Today I am very proud to announce that Brookvale Records will be releasing the entire Dick’s Picks Series on vinyl. We are working very closely with the Dead on every aspect of these releases. The Dead will be reviewing and approving all artwork, packaging, and mastering. We are honored to be working on this project.  Growing up my favorite bands were (and still are) The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead. To now own a record label and to be working with the Grateful Dead is truly a dream come true.  As a fan first, I realize that these vinyl releases must be handled professionally and meticulously put together. It is my responsibility to make sure these releases come to the fans in the very best packaging and sound possible.  It is with great pride we are today announcing the release of the beginning of this series with Vol 1 and Vol 2 coming out on November 20th, 2012.  Going forward we will continue the releases starting in early 2013 and hope to release at least one volume a month, if not more.  Details on Vol 1 and Vol 2 are below. We hope you enjoy these vinyl release as much as we do. They look and sound amazing!

Karl Groeger Jr.
President Brookvale Records / Looney Tunes CD Store

PS – I have received a lot of questions about SOURCE, MASTERS and SIDE SPLITS. Please look at the bottom of this page and read my post from http://www.stevehoffman.tv/ addressing these issues. As always if you have any concerns or questions please reach out and email me HERE.

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Release Date – Tuesday November 20th
Shipping Date – Friday November 16th
Please read below for shipping information.

 Artist – the Grateful Dead

Title – Dick’s Picks Vol  1
Format – 180 gram 4 LP Vinyl Box Set
Pressing – Limited to 2000 Copies, Hand Numbered 1 – 2000
Packaging – 12″ x 12″ Box Set, 4 LPs individually sleeved in deluxe poly lined sleeves, 180 gram

Artist – the Grateful Dead
Title – Dick’s Picks Vol  2
Format – 180 gram – 2 LP Gatefold
Pressing – Limited to 2000 Copies Hand Numbered 1 – 2000
Packaging – Gatefold with deluxe poly lined sleeves, 180 gram


A WORD ON TRACK LISTINGS. When manufacturing the Dick’s Picks for 180 gram vinyl we had some things to really consider. With the time limitations on vinyl sides we did our best to preserve the JAMS and make the vinyl flow as best as possible.  Vol 2 as you see has only 3 sides. We left side 4 blank to preserve the JAM on side 3. We will always preserve and keep any jams together where possible.

Dick’s Picks 1
Tampa, FL

Side 1
Here Comes Sunshine
Side 2
Big River
Mississippi Half Step
Side 3
Weather Report Suite
Big Railroad Blues
Side 4
Playing In The Band
Side Five
He’s Gone
Side 6
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Side 7
The Other One
Side 8
Stella Blue
Around and Around

Dick’s Picks Vol 2
Columbus, OH

Side 1
Dark Star/Jam
Side 2
Sugar Magnolia
St. Stephen
Side 3
Not Fade Away
Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away
Side 4
(Intentionally left blank to preserve the jam on Side 3)


 USA – Media Mail – Economy  $10.99  $9.99  $12.99
 USA – Priority  $22.99  $17.99 $26.99
 CANADA  $35.99  $18.99  $38.99
 Worldwide International Priority Air  $53.99  $45.99  $56.99

A word on shipping charges. These releases are VERY HEAVY and so is the box we ship them in. Vol 1 is 5 lbs, Vol 2 is 3lbs and both together packaged come to 6lbs. We will ONLY ship international with tracking information. That is why International is so expensive. We are not adding ANY money over what it costs to ship your item to you. The boxes and packaging we are using costs us $4. Canadian orders could not be shipped 1st class international due to the weight of the package, we have to ship priority international as its the cheapest way to ship a package of this size. Again YES these seem high, but it is just because of the box we are shipping in and the true cost to ship these out.

Paul Epstein

Owner – Twist & Shout
Denver, Colorado

Dick’s Picks Volumes 1 and 2

It is hard to remember back to the birth of Dick’s Picks. It was a time before the internet had really   impacted music, and the series was an outlier of all things to come. The idea of archival and on-demand live music releases flowed from the fountainhead of Grateful Dead releases as supervised by the ultimate fan Dick Latvala. Looking back now one can see the Dead organization playing with various formats in order to hit upon the golden ticket to fan appreciation and financial reward.

Volume one comes from December 19,1973 a fertile and favorite year for band and fans alike. This release represents highlights of both sets but is not a complete show. This was an obvious way to go about it that would have worked for any fan base but The Grateful Dead’s. The release was greeted with some disappointment originally because it was incomplete, but with hindsight it hits all the marks of an important release. A largely un-circulated show, it boasts everything the band was doing well in 1973. Kicking off with Here Comes Sunshine it is clear from the get go that the band is in the mood to play. This song opens up into a breathtaking jam displaying the Dead’s much talked about “x-factor.” All the selections from the first set are top-notch, but the set closing Playing In The Band clocks in at over 20 minutes and ticks all the boxes of greatness. It is worth noting that having a song like this version of Playing In The Band stand alone on its own side of vinyl lends it a certain artistic logic and context that could be missing from a cd or tape. It allows one to appraise it as a stand-alone work of art. That ultimately is the greatest value of getting these releases on vinyl: the individual songs are given a certain weight, gravity and meaning when listened to as unique pieces of music as opposed to an entire show. It is essentially the power of editing. It is why the Dead’s first live offering Live Dead made such an impact on fans originally. The second set of this show is one long monster jam encompassing 6 songs and 2 sections of extended improvisation which again gain meaning in some ways from the ability to separate them from the entirety of the show (in other ways not so much). The standouts are a wide-ranging version of The Other One and the rarely played cover Nobody’s Fault But Mine.

Dick’s Picks Volume 2 sees another format change as Dick tried to create a single disc release that just presented one meaty chunk of what he would have called “primal Dead.” In many respects it succeeds wildly. Again choosing a lesser-known show, the release showcases just the heart of a second set from Halloween night 1971 in Columbus, Ohio. Side One is taken up by a long and exceptionally weird Dark Star, which again wins by being listened to alone. It conveys all sorts of moody shifts from scary to beautiful to deep and spacey. The remainder of the set is taken up by an early version of Sugar Magnolia and the kind of medley (Not Fadeaway>St. Stephen>Not Fadeaway) that made people Deadheads for life. The band twists and turns through a roaring jam and tons of heroic guitar leads by Garcia taking the audience on a wild cat and mouse trip through a psychedelic wormhole that ends up in a screaming, breathless finale.

Chris Schmidt
Music Reviewer

I am lucky enough to be listening to Dick’s Picks 2 on vinyl this afternoon.  On vinyl you say?  Why yes, yes I am.  The good folks at Brookvale Records will be releasing both of these albums on Tuesday, November 20th at Looney Tunes CD’s here on Long Island and also at independent record stores around the country.  Both of these releases will be limited to 2000 copies, so you are going to want to look into this like yesterday because brother…they sound fantastic.

This is the shortest of the Dick’s Picks and it features a chunk of the second set from this show and it starts off with a stellar Dark Star > Jam.  Jerry just goes nuts on this one and leads the band into all kinds of tasty places.  I don’t always dig where Dark Star goes but this one is a favorite.  This seems  a little short at one cd (57:39) but on vinyl it spreads out over two lps. You can’t quibble with the set choices this night from a kickin’ Sugar Mag right on though GDTRFB and Not Fade Away.  It jams, it rocks and it is all kinds of sweet.

So how is the sound on vinyl?  They sound really good actually.  These were originally two track recordings so there are limits to how much can be done during remastering.  The spacing of the instruments is fine, but I find the vocals to be a bit too “out front” which can’t be helped based on the “warts and all” tapes.  Will it stop me from playing this one again…uh no it won’t.

DP #1 was never one of my favorites…it’s not bad rather it is a kind of weird place to have started the series.  I’ll start off by saying the sound is very good, perhaps a bit better than DP #2 which was pretty good to begin with.  This was recorded towards the end of 1973 kind of in the middle of the endless track to support Wake of the Flood.  This is a different Dead than you had only a year or so earlier.  PigPen is gone and the band is less bluesy and psychedelic and more jazzy sounding.  The 60′ are now clearly over and the 70’s are in full swing with the Dead morphing along with the times.

This set has some great moments in Here Comes Sunshine, a great jam during Playing in the Band and a wonderful He’s Gone.   What was great about the Dead is that they played a lot of these songs over their entire career and they had a different vibe in different eras.  Many of these songs would take on a whole new feel in a couple of years and its great to have such a wide selection to compare, contrast and enjoy.

I’m glad to see the Dick’s Picks series getting a vinyl release…now I want DP #8!!!

Go down to Looney Tunes or visit them online and grab yourself both of these fine additions to your Dead collection.

Steve Sandick
Music Reviewer and Professional Photographer

Dick’s Pick Goes Back To The Future

For all you Dead Heads and vinyl junkies, Christmas will come a little early this year. Brookvale Records will be releasing the long overdue Grateful Dead “Dick’s Pick Vol. 1” & “Dick’s Pick Vol. 2” on 180-gram vinyl. The two releases will be ready on November 20, 2012, the Tuesday prior to this years’ Record Store Day Presents Black Friday.
Dick’s Pick is the creation of legendary Dead tape archivist Dick Latvala. Grateful Dead Records released 36 in all prior to his death. As of now, these shows were only available in CD format. Looney Tunes Record Store owner Karl Groeger and head of Brookvale Records had the insight to release these gems for the first time on vinyl.

Dick’s Pick Vol. 1 was recorded December 19, 1973 in Tampa Fl. The vinyl release will come as a 4 LP box set. Dick’s Pick Vol. 2, recorded on Halloween night in 1971, in Columbus, Ohio, will be released as a double LP gatefold package. Now this all sounds fine and well, but my concerns are considering the original source. Would the sound on vinyl be better than the CD predecessor?  The LPs were taken from the CD masters. After being presented with the test pressings of D.P.1 & 2, I immediately went home and played Dick’s Pick 2, side 2 starting with “Sugar Magnolia”, “St. Stephen” and “Not Fade Away” (always one of my favorites). After a careful listening, I was amazed at how clean and rich the old recordings had sounded on record. I had to be sure.  So, I did the old A- B roll test.  I got out the CD’s; I threw on a pair of headphones and started the record and CD at the same time switching from CD to vinyl. I was truly amazed on the sonic upgrade the vinyl had over the CDs from the same source. Proving once again another nail in the coffin for the CD.

Each set is hand numbered strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide. So, if you’re planning on purchasing these albums do NOT hesitate. I predict by Record Store Day they will be gone forever.

POSTED ON http://www.stevehoffman.tv/

Morning All,

My name is Karl Groeger and I am the owner of Brookvale Records and Looney Tunes. I am the one putting out the Dick’s Picks series on vinyl.

We have been working very closely with The Dead on these releases and I welcome your questions and concerns.

As a fan first, I knew there would be challenges going into this project and I think we are doing an amazing job with them. I would like to address 2 concerns I see brought up here. Sound source and side splits. Of course these are critical.

While we want of course the source tapes to every show, we are at the mercy of The Dead for masters for both ART and MUSIC. For the first shows the Dead simply does not have the original masters for them. We had no choice except to go from the CD.  My first reaction was, thats impossible, how do they not have the masters? Well after about 6 months of searching they just do not have them.  It looks like though for future releases they have about 90% of the masters on all the volumes.

OK so we don’t have the masters. Can we go from the CD? How is that going to sound? Well they sound great! (Check out the reviews on 9f2.582.myftpupload.com).

We had a choice to use anyone we wanted to master this vinyl from the CD. We were suggested to use Rainbo pressing. I decided not to.  I have been a HUGE face of both RTI and GOTTA GROOVE RECORDS. I think both plants have been making some great QUIET records. After about another 6 months of discussions, we choose Gotta Groove to re master and manufacture the vinyl on 1 and 2. And I could not be happier. Although YES the CD is not ideal to go with. BUT I think it came out EXCELLENT! Or I would not put my name on it. I have actually made LPS from masters on another project that did not sound half as good as these dead records do. I hope you will enjoy them.

SIDE SPLITS. Yes this is going to be another challenge for sure. With vol 2 you notice that it is a 3 sided record???? WHY ??? I decided to not make a side 4 because I could keep the JAM going on side 3. Where ever possible I will also keep the jam and do our very best with track listings and side splits. It will be a challenge YES. BUT I DO NOT THINK that its a reason NOT to do these.

I love vinyl. I think it is the perfect way to listen to The Dead.

I welcome your comments. (crap…ha ha).

Thank you for your time guys I hope this addresses some concerns.